Who we are and what we do…

IN Studios is the only studio teaching Improvisation 5.0. We provide a unique, flexible training opportunity, geared toward professional actors. Our writers and actors can be seen on SNL, Blue Bloods, The Americans, Law and Order, Late Night with David Letterman, and more. Sponsored by ImprovisationNews.com, IN Studios trains actors in improvisation, sketch comedy writing and marketing. We offer in person and online classes and a Fast Track Conservatory Program.

Improvisation is a necessity for working actors.

IN Studios students train in emotionally-centered, highly-physical improvisational theater, honing skills that set you apart on stage, on set … and in the audition room.

The Triple Threat: Actor, Writer, Business Savvy Performer

At IN Studios, we enhance your acting, teach you to create your own projects and to market yourself as a professional brand.

YOU are our focus.

Our product is not our classes, shows or video – it’s you. Our students goals’ drive our customized curriculum, not the other way around.

Surround yourself with excellence.

“You are the average of the five people with whom you spend the most time.”
From your teachers to your fellow students, you’ll be surrounded by committed, talented working professionals. Growth is fast and furious, exactly what you need to build your skills and your career.