Fast Track Conservatory

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Our Conservatory program builds master performers, at home on stage and at auditions. The fact is, improvisation is now a necessary tool in every actor’s toolbox. Get the training that’ll set you apart: emotionally-centered improvisation.

IN Studios Triple Threat… actor, writer, media maven.

IN Studios Conservatory students learn how to write sketch material and become business savvy… so they have exactly what they need to build and promote their own comedy production company. That’s how Lucille Ball did it, and so can you!

Customized curriculum and flexibility for working professionals.

At IN Studios, we build the curriculum around the needs of our students. We know you well, and give you notes in class based on your specific strengths and areas needing growth. Plus, with our unique VIP card, you won’t lose out on classes or lose money if you book work or have a friend’s wedding to attend. Simply take the the class another time.

Support and check-ins

At IN Studios, you”ll never be left wondering about your progress. Our teachers maintain an open dialogue with you. We cultivate an atmosphere of support, constant learning and fun. And we provide regular written assessments, so you get all the feedback you need to thrive.